The Art of Benjamin Phillip Frisch

commission a paintingFundamentally Benjamin Phillip Frisch is a storyteller but his voice takes many forms. Everything from fine art and Illustration to most recently, video art and photography is all in a constant pursuit of a narrative. He is truly a modern, multi-media artist and this is his story.

“This site is a documentation of my life’s work. It is a showcase of everything that I am and that I believe. There is a lot to see and to read so do come back often because I wouldn’t want you to miss anything. It is after all, just for you.”



New Video Production

Considering my background with a certificate in Digital Media Arts, and over 10 years of working in Marketing and video production, It’s a wonder that I haven’t come back to photography and video production sooner. Here’s how I have come back to this after so much time apart.


Benjamin Phillip Frisch is an artist who strives, at every opportunity, to challenge himself in scale, complexity and by experimenting in a variety of media and styles. Growing up in the small town of Priceville Ontario, there was often little else to do but draw the most intricate portraits a young boy could possibly attempt.

New Location

No longer a Torontonian, my wife and I have moved on to greener pastures. Thornbury, in the Blue Mountains is where we have settled to start our new life together. Still only 2.5 hrs away from Toronto, and now even closer to Muskoka, I am still available for art and furniture commissions wherever you need me.